Sunday, April 14, 2013

Trenton, Kingston, St. Jean Sur Richielieu, Quebec, Canada and Vermont, United States

Before Elaine sent Flat Kelly on to her next destination, they went on a road trip to Vermont! Hitting up several towns along the way, which brings Flat Kelly's total number of towns/cities visited to 12 - almost half of our goal! Too incredible! 

On the road to Vermont, FK visited the onRoute rest-stop (inclulding Tim Hortons) in Trenton, which is an Air Force town. 

She enjoyed Italian dinner at East Side Mario's in Kingston and the crazies in the picture are Cameron (my husband), Austin (son) and Lauren (daughter.)

Love how the family knows how to strike a pose! 

FK spent the night in St. Jean Sur Richielieu, Quebec, where she saw her first taste of French Canadian Separatists' graffiti - as mis-spelled version of "British Out", just outside the Holiday Inn.

Upon arriving at the Quebec/Vermont Canada/USA border, FK was very nervous about not having a passport but she fast-talked the border guard into letting her back into the USA.

Phew! That was a close one... 

Once in Vermont, FK confessed she didn't ski or snowboard and spent the weekend doing Apres Ski. She even attended Beerfest one evening and picked up some souvenirs, including a souvenir condom (unused, to be clear!)

Looks like paradise! 
FK was an excellent guest and travel companion.

And Elaine was a most excellent hostess! Thank you so much for all the wonderful adventures that you took Flat Kelly on - it was so much fun to go through all of these pictures! Red carpet premiers, two different countries, and tons of fun. Thank you, thank you, thank you! 

Where is Flat Kelly headed to next? Well, she will be having an extended stay in Canada... check back for more! 

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