Sunday, April 14, 2013

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Little international traveler that she is, Flat Kelly made the big leap back across the Atlantic from the Netherlands to Canada! For the first leg of her Canadian tour, she stayed with Elaine who was an absolute peach and took her on a wonderful tour and to many different cities. Read below for Elaine's account of their time spent together!

Flat Kelly had a whirlwind tour of Toronto, the Durham region (the 'burbs east of Toronto), and went on a road-trip to ski in Smugglers' Notch Vermont over Easter, which resulted in brief stops across eastern Ontario and Quebec.
For the Toronto piece, FK commuted to downtown with me, Elaine, and some of my girlfriends who regularly take the same GO Train as me in the mornings. 

Kelly and her host, Elaine

Before figuring out how to take proper pictures with FK in the foreground, we captured some shots of her on the train and sitting in the Reception area of my office. 

She later dined at Mercatto restaurant with Elaine and a well-known partner from one of the Bay Street (that's Canada's version of Wall Street) law firms. 

FK also took in exterior views of the CN Tower and the Royal Bank tower, the gorgeous gold office building. 

FK's last GO Train ride allowed her to see a picture of one of the hot new Toronto Blue Jays baseball players. 

Flat Kelly does love hot baseball players!

Wait for the next post to see where Elaine took Flat Kelly next! 

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