Sunday, June 2, 2013

Flat Kelly's Lost Weeks in Canada...

After the lovely Elaine took Flat Kelly around the eastern part of Canada, she was sent on to Miss Rachael for the western part of Canada, and things got a little crazy... 

Along with losing her camera, Rachael also ended up with a virus on her computer, which is why this blog post took a little longer than the others. Read below for Rachael's account of their time together! 

Welcome to Canada Kelly! 

Sadly Flat Kelly came to me right in the middle of finals and job searching. Her first nights here she spent listening to me memorize poems from the romantic era and watching me pull an all nighter studying for a final on Canadian corrections. 

However once finals were over, Kelly and I hit the streets of east Vancouver for what was supposed to be dinner and drinks bit turned into me waking up with a mans phone number written on my jeans. 

Kelly soon became my close pal as we went from interview to interview. Our favourite was the seafood restaurant where the interview took place next to a tank of live crabs. We wanted to bring one home as a pet. 

We drank together. 

Did laundry together.

We drank together.

We ran from the cops. Twice. (No pictures of that one! Rachael is very talented, but that would have been a little difficult to pose for). Kelly even got to spend a little time in my rugby bag going to netball practice. I'm sorry if she smells like my feet. 

And FK's travel journal is there too!

Hands down the best outting was when I took Kelly to my Starbucks. The manager insisted that no photos were allowed to be taken and said that if I tried then I'd be asked to leave. And then one of her employees posed for a pic of Kelly while the guy with stretchers in his nose called me crazy. A man with a nose piercing that you could fit a straw through in each nostril called me crazy.  I also spent two hours in there with Kelly writing as we enjoyed our blended lemonade.

Ha! Take that, snooty manager. 

And that was Kelly's life with me. Well the life that I remember since I got black out drunk one might and wrote a letter to myself. I put that in the book.
All in all...Flat Kelly's life in the greater Vancouver area turned out nicely. And by nicely I mean that I didn't lose her or wind up in jail with her. 
And look, she learned how to play pool! Or billiards. Or whatever those Canadians call it... 

Thank you so very much, Rachael, for taking Flat Kelly all around Vancouver with you! It sounds like she had many, many adventures (some things that happen in Vancouver, however, must stay in Vancouver...) I love the pictures and it looks like a blast! Plus, the infamous Starbucks! Thank you, thank you! 

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