Sunday, April 14, 2013

Ajax & Whitby, Ontario, Canada

More adventures with Elaine!

FK enjoyed her stay at the Smith residence in Ajax, Ontario, a 'burbs town just outside Toronto, on the shores of Lake Ontario. 

FK checked out one of the many nearby beaches within walking distance, and spent plenty of time eating and drinking (two things that Flat Kelly knows how to do best!) 

She also bonded with the family cat, Coco. 

FK was an excellent guest and pitched in to clear dishes, prepare meals, load the dishwasher, and help "finish up" wine.

House chores are worth it if you follow up the day with wine! 

FK tried French Canadian maple sugar pie but wasn't too sure about it. 

Hmm... real Kelly will have to try it sometime to make a final decision! 

FK enjoyed a sushi lunch at Sushi Mountain in Whitby (another 'burb town in Durham) with the Smith family.

Cheer up, Flat Kelly! I'm sure the sushi was delicious! 

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