Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Loon op Zand & Eindhoven, Netherlands

Read below for Flat Kelly's continued adventures in the Netherlands with Saskia! 

After a busy and cold sunday, the rest of the week was more easy going. During weekdays we went to school in Eindhoven to study physiotherapy. On our way from the central station to my school building, we passed this work of art. It's a huge set of bowling pins, called Flying Pins. It's the biggest public piece of art in Eindhoven and catches your eye immediately.

Living in Loon op Zand, it takes about an hour and a half every day to get to Eindhoven. To get there, we took the train from Tilburg. Tilburg's central station has an impressive roof which seems to be floating over the tracks.

As you might notice from the pictures: yes, it got a lot warmer after we've been to the Efteling. Within a week, temperature flew from -2 degrees to an unbelievable 15 degrees! And then back to -2 within another week... Welcome to Dutch weather! Apart from the typical weather, it also seems that Dutch people have a typical way of transportation. Bikes are everywhere. People bike everywhere. Everyone owns a bike.

This is were Flat Kelly was staying over at her time in the Netherlands. In our garden, lovely flowers started opening up as this day was the first day that felt like it was spring.

Loon op Zand is a little village in the south of the Netherlands, and as most villages do, it comes with it's own church. As it got colder again, we found a new hat for Flat Kelly.

At the end of the week, we wanted to do something exciting after a week full of school, so we went to the cinema to see The Silver Linings Playbook.

(Real Life Kelly is a little jealous that Flat Kelly got to see this - it looks great!) 

Flat Kelly liked to play hide-and-seek in the huge cardboard displays, so good luck finding her.

During the two weeks she was here, she like to be funny with books. Even though she loves Jennifer Lawrence, she wanted to be on the cover with Bradley Cooper. And she thought she'd finish the cover of the City of Bones.

Even though they say a picture says more than a thousand words, some parts could not be captured on camera. Photographing at school was very difficult as we were busy studying and learning new stuff and at work we weren't really capable of taking a camera around, as we were busy working. Oh hey, we forgot to talk about that! Flat Kelly came to work as well. On Saturdays, we were working at a local butchershop and as you might imagine, I kept Flat Kelly safe and sound in my bag, as I didn't want to get her all dirty. On Tuesday nights and Sundays, Flat Kelly got really excited as we went to a guys soccer team. We were helping out massaging and taping them before the trainings on Tuesdays and matches on Sundays. Unfortunately, we didn't see them win yet. Would have been fun to capture Flat Kelly with half-naked guys on the treatment benches, not too sure if the guys would have liked that as well...

Unfortunately, these two weeks flew by and Flat Kelly is now on to her next destination. She will be missed and I'm sure she'll have a great time everywhere she's visiting next. Thanks Kelly for letting me have her over! :)

No, Saskia, thank YOU for taking her! It looks like Flat Kelly had an amazing time and I love, love, LOVE the pictures. You're fantastic and I really appreciate it :)

Where's Flat Kelly off too next? Saskia put her in the post March 11th... stay tuned! 

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