Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Coventry, England

Flat Kelly's first stop was Coventry, England where she was taken care of by the lovely Em! See below for Em's recap of their time together... 

Kelly arrived in Coventry on the 31st of January where she lived in this house for two weeks... 

In Coventry, she met Em (photos together a bit later on!) but also met Jess the cat. Alfie the cat isn't as social as Jess, but he was there too. Jess & Flat Kelly got on really well! 

We've had some choice weather in the UK over the past couple of weeks, including lots of snow! She was non too impressed with the snow.

Flat Kelly also came to work with Em in Lutterworth and was really helpful answering the phones...

And then, as if Coventry wasn't cool enough, Em took Flat Kelly to London as well! Stay tuned for that post, coming up next! 

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